Shield of the Immaculate - Back Wearable

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Shield of the Immaculate - Back Wearable

Post by Abro » Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:02 am

The current version of the Shield of the Immaculate is not back wearable in game. I have checked multiple resources and they suggest it should be. I've looked to see if there was any time that it wasn't back wearable, but haven't found proof of that.

Sources: ... rt=2%7Casc

The alla entry seems to be the newest version of the item, as it's ALL/ALL and previous it was PAL only.

Which makes it seem like the P99 info is the most era accurate information.

Though to add some doubt to my own assertion that it should be back wearable: ... ?item=1138 <--- it's not listed on the classic tool tip, but the source page here lists it as secondary only.

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