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Post by Necrod » Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:55 am

Hi so I just want to say I never had a problem with individual players in this guild but as a whole they are quite rude... and greedy. Yes, the resident "uber" guild of EQR are driven by greed. Does this surprise anyone?

Okay so tonight my guild went into Plane of Fear to try the Golems. We have not had the best luck on these mobs and spent a long time clearing to them and as we get there out of nowhere <Encore> races into the zone nearly crashing it with lag and trains and tries to steal the mobs out from under us.

My problem with this is you make us clear the whole zone then try to steal our mobs not respecting our presence or hard work? Also haven't you killed enough golems by now? Seriously?

What more loot could <Encore> possibly need??

The worse part is I heard a Slime Blood dropped off the last Golem they stole from us. Necros dream of this item to one day complete their epic. I know Kunark is not out yet but someday soon it will and Slime Blood will be in high demand. Do they give it to one of their necros? No! I was told they gave it to a freaking bard!! :x

So I just want to say this server is really small and reputation goes a long way. What goes around comes around. If this is how you guys want to play then don't expect any favors. :evil:

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Re: <Encore>

Post by Dorn » Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:40 pm

"Your mobs" - entitled millennial
Nobody trained you, you're correct though the zone did crash and your pets attacked u when u logged back in ...
Golems were shared, u got 2 and Encore got 1 - sounds overly reasonable ...
I heard they gave the slimeblood to that shit bard Dancinrick so he could use it as a condom and fuck your mother
Server would be boring with 1 guild killing everything over and over regardless of which guild is killing "their" mobs, keep up the good work chaps


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Re: <Encore>

Post by jilena » Sat Jan 19, 2019 3:57 pm

To take a bit nicer stance than the above...

Encore is a guild that ONLY kills Open World mobs. We are not flagged for instances nor have we ever been. We are the only guild that has never killed an instanced raid mob. Of the last 9 OW golems that have spawned, we have killed exactly 3. Some were lost to Darkwind, some to Grey Bear Clan. If you think about this logically, the fact is of all of the guilds, we would have the smallest opportunity to kill any of the named. Even if we decided we wanted to go the scheduled raid route and do instances, we would have to get flagged in advance to even give it a go. We are not crying about losing 6 out of 9 golems during the last couple weeks as a good number of us would LIKE competition on mobs. I'm sure a few would rather just have lazy raids where we kill every mob and go the instance route for that but thus far that has not been our way.

As far as lag goes, we cannot control that and to be quite honest I am not even sure it was related to us zoning into fear. At the time there were disconnects there were only like 43 people in Fear and we have had more than that killing CT on several occasions. Even after that the zone was up to 50 something people and didn't seem to have any problem handling it. I'm not sure if that was due to a weird coincidence or something else.

In terms of how we distribute loot, it has nothing to do with "hurr durr we have so much loot we are dumping OMG NECRO EPIC loot on bards". We distribute loot based on its current value for any given class. White/Red dragonscales go to cloaks/BPs, Slime Blood is BiS gloves for several classes, etc. We do not give certain classes priority based on what an item could possibly be should Kunark come out. It's all based on current usefulness. On items that are epic only drops and have no current era value, they go to the appropriate classes. If/When Kunark is released we will adjust accordingly. It's not crazy and not "greed" any more so than anyone doing any sort of raiding for items.

I would like to address the overall implication that you own all the named mobs in the zone having "been there first". As far as I know this is not the rule. Had you guys been engaged with a golem and we trained you or KSed it then I would agree that it's a dick move. As it stands though we did not knowingly or intentionally interfere with any active named mob engagement. We killed one of the golems that was both not engaged and had not even been cleared around. If the server would like to agree upon some "planar ownership" policy where if you zone in first it's all yours I'm sure something like that could be worked out but I think in the long run it would work out poorly for everyone involved.

Lastly it should still be pointed out that this server has an instanced means of killing these same mobs and your guild is flagged to be able to do so. I understand that the current system is a bit cumbersome and that it requires completing a monthly no loot trial to access. I would be the first to advocate for having this changed to be unrelated to instanced raiding. I also understand that it sucks killing no loot trash in the instanced versions just to kill golems/draco (though here I'd do minimal killing and clear a small area to fight and training everything else away). I would again advocate for this to be different as well, who gives a shit if more planar armor rots or more alts now match. On top of that I'd even advocate for guilds to be able to kill both Open World AND Instanced versions of the mobs. Each guild has their instance to themselves, and everyone can compete in Open World on top of that to keep the server fun. No one is forced to participate if they want to be asocial and raid alone but they can if they want the extra loots/some minor EQ raid thrills. *shrug*
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Re: <Encore>

Post by Reyed » Sat Jan 26, 2019 2:45 pm

Ahhh...there is that old toxicity I see on many of the EMU's.

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