IP Exemption for a big family

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IP Exemption for a big family

Post by kensotojr » Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:15 pm


I just recently found out about the EQReborn server and the last time I played on an EQ classic server was almost 10 years ago on Project 1999.

Now I'm living in a large house with my wife and parents and I noticed that unlike 10 years ago, we all have our own PCs and laptops capable of running EQ and so I was thinking it would be fun to run around with people I actually know in the game (especially since it doesn't seem like there's too much grouping going on with the low server population).

I was just wondering what you had to do to go about getting an IP exemption for more than 2 people playing at once on the server. Right now we're looking at me, my wife, my brother and my parents playing (5 people in total) and I will do whatever is asked for proving that I'm not trying to 5 box or whatever lol. I can send a video of all of us or do a live stream or whatever. I've tried messaging "bread" for the past couple of days on Discord but I haven't gotten a single response from them yet.

I also messaged Rain and Eeks but they both referred me to Bread for help with the IP exemption. I was hoping to find out ahead of time before everyone in the house got all hyped up and I installed the game on everyone's PC (too late for that now! lol).

We really would all like to play on this server rather than P99 because P99 has such a high population and I don't recall that being particularly fun back in the day when EQ vanilla/kunark/velious was live.

Thanks for your time and help!


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