"Murder Hobos" accepting anyone.

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"Murder Hobos" accepting anyone.

Post by Conanstan » Fri Dec 21, 2018 7:32 pm

We are a new and casual guild less then a couple weeks old with only three members but would like more. We are accepting anyone who would like to join be it newbies, old folk, soloers, chatters, whatever. You can stay until either you grow tired of us or we grow tired of you. Do not expect any grouping right away because of the few numbers. We are willing to be a stepping stone guild to other more popular raiding guilds if that is what you decide you want. Hopefully in time we will gather enough so partnering and small groups can develop and take place on a regular basis. The two founding members are an ogre shaman (Groolest), and a troll shadowknight (Slaughterfist) so we don't have a foothold in the Fey or Odus areas yet and our highest levels in the guild at this time are levels 20 and 18. We are also along the pacific PST timezone if it matters.

If you would like to be a Murder Hobo, send a tell to:

Slaugherfist (or Tilluden) - Leader
Groolest (or Doobi) - Founding member

Play times can be sporatic

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