How do I get started?

We’ve tailored EQ Reborn to the classic era.  In order to play on EQ Reborn, you’ll need:

  1. To read our server rules.
  2. An installed copy of EQ Rain of Fear 2 (ROF2) – no other clients are supported.
  3. To download and install the EQ Reborn Files Pack which will enable you to play.
  4. An EQ Emulator Server Account.
  5. To join on us on Discord (optional, but recommended).

The following directions will get you set up and running quickly, in the game!

1. Read the Rules:

First start by reading the rules here.  Following the rules is required.  Failure to comply may result in a suspension, ban, or termination of your account.

2. Download and install EQ ROF2 client (available on the internet):

  1. Download EQ ROF2 client from some source.
  2. Unzip client to desired installation directory.
  3. Right Click on eqgame.exe -> Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut)
    a.  Do not launch or you must reload from clean files!
  4. Click on shortcut and select properties.
  5. In Target, add ” patchme”  (without quotations) to the end of the line.

3. Download and install the EQ Reborn Files Pack:

Option 1 – Use the EQ Reborn Patcher (Highly Recommended):

  1. Download the Patcher.
  2. Extract it to a directory and then run it, selecting your EQ ROF2 installation directory.
  3. Select whether you would like classic or new models.

     * A sincere thank you to Ditz for creating the patcher.

Option 2 – Download and Install the Files:

  1. Download the EQ Reborn Files Pack.
  2. Remove the following files:
    • nektulos.eqg
    • nektulos_EnvironmentEmitters.txt
    • lavastorm.eqg
    • lavastorm_EnvironmentEmitters.txt
    • highpasshold.zon
    • highpasshold_EnvironmentEmitters.txt
    • highpasshold.eqg
    • HighPassHold.mp3
    • spellsnew.eff
    • spellsnew.edd
  3. Replace with the files from EQ Reborn Files Pack.

4. Setup EQ Emulator Server Account:

EQ Emulator leverages two accounts; a forum account and a server account.  Registering for a forum account is required in order to get a server account.  Follow the following steps to setup your accounts.  If you have previously registered for an EQ Emulator server account, it will work on this server.

  1. Create Your EQ Emulator Forum Account:
    1. Click here to register your forum account.
    2. Create a forum account.
    3. Accept confirmation in your email from
  2. Create your EQ Emulator Server Account:
    1. Click here or on the Login Server Page (located under Miscellaneous in your UserCP)
    2. Fill out the fields and proceed.

5. Join Discord (Optional):

  1. Click here to find out how to get setup with Discord.
  2. Join our Discord server by clicking here.

6. Logging into the Server:

  1. Log into Everquest with your server account.
  2. Click on EQ Reborn and Play Everquest.
  3. Create your character and log in.
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