The suggested levels are approximate based upon the levels of the majority of creatures found in the zone, and, except for the newbie zones, assume that you will hunt with a group. Most zones also have some higher and lower level monsters roaming the area, and can thus be selectively hunted at different levels. Follow the links to get more complete descriptions for the individual zones.

Zones are sorted following average npc's levels. If a newbie zone contains high level friendly guards, they count in the average level and false the sort.

Name Short Name Avg. Level1 - 56 - 1011 - 1516 - 2021 - 2526 - 3031 - 3536 - 4041 - 4546 - 5051 - 5556 - 60
The Nektulos Forest nektulos11xxxx
Southern Desert of Ro sro11xxx
Blackburrow blackburrow13xxxx
Crushbone crushbone13xxxx
The Lavastorm Mountains lavastorm14xx
Befallen befallen14xxx
Misty Thicket misty14xxxx
Erud's Crossing erudsxing14xxx
Innothule Swamp innothule15xxxx
The Feerrott feerrott15xxxx
Gorge of King Xorbb beholder18xx
Northern Desert of Ro nro18xxxxx
The Qeynos Hills qeytoqrg18xxxxxx
Dagnor's Cauldron cauldron19xxx
Runnyeye Citadel runnyeye19xxxxx
Oasis of Marr oasis20xxxxx
The City of Guk guktop20xxxxx
Kerra Isle kerraridge20xxx
The Southern Plains of Karana southkarana20xxxxxx
Toxxulia Forest tox21xxxxx
The Western Plains of Karana qey2hh121xxxxxxxx
Steamfont Mountains steamfont22xxxxxxx
Everfrost Peaks everfrost22xxxxxx
Najena najena22xxxx
The Qeynos Aqueduct System qcat22xxxxx
Lake Rathetear lakerathe23xxxxx
The Estate of Unrest unrest24xxxx
East Commonlands ecommons24xxxxx
The Rathe Mountains rathemtn25xxxxxxxxx
Ocean of Tears oot25xxxxxxx
West Commonlands commons26xxxxx
The Northern Plains of Karana northkarana27xxxxxxx
The Surefall Glade qrg28xxx
North Qeynos qeynos228xxxxxxxx
Eastern Plains of Karana eastkarana29xxxxx
Solusek's Eye soldunga30xxxx
Butcherblock Mountains butcher30xxxxxxxx
Highpass Hold highpasshold31xxxxxx
The Permafrost Caverns permafrost31xxxxxx
The Permafrost Caverns permafrost31xxxxxx
The Permafrost Caverns permafrost31xxxxxx
Kithicor Forest kithicor31xxxxxxxx
South Qeynos qeynos32xxxxxxxx
Lost Temple of Cazic Thule cazicthule32xxxx
High Keep highkeep32xxxxxxx
Rivervale rivervale32xxxxxxxx
The Lair of the Splitpaw paw32xxxxx
The Castle of Mistmoore mistmoore33xxxx
The Lesser Faydark lfaydark33xxxxxxxxx
The Lesser Faydark lfaydark33xxxxxxxxx
Erudin erudnext36xxxxxxx
East Freeport freporte37xxxxxxxxxx
Ak'Anon akanon38xxxxxxx
The Erudin Palace erudnint38xxxxx
The Greater Faydark gfaydark38xxxxxx
The Temple of Solusek Ro soltemple38xxx
West Freeport freportw39xxxxxxxx
The Ruins of Old Guk gukbottom40xxxxx
Neriak - 3rd Gate neriakc40xxxx
Paineel paineel41xxxxx
North Kaladim kaladimb43xx
North Freeport freportn43xxxx
Grobb grobb43xxx
South Kaladim kaladima43xx
Oggok oggok43xxx
Neriak - Foreign Quarter neriaka44xx
Kedge Keep kedge44xxx
Northern Felwithe felwithea44xx
Neriak - Commons neriakb45x
Southern Felwithe felwitheb45x
Nagafen's Lair soldungb45xxx
Nagafen's Lair soldungb45xxx
Nagafen's Lair soldungb45xxx
Halas halas48xxx
The Hole hole51xxxxx
The Plane of Fear fearplane52xx
The Plane of Fear fearplane52xx
The Plane of Fear fearplane52xx
Plane of Hate hateplane56xxx
Plane of Hate hateplane56xxx
Plane of Hate hateplane56xxx
The Plane of Sky airplane58xx