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A brand new world filled with classic monsters, spells, quests, and loot.  Meticulously crafted to bring you the classic EverQuest experience including quality-of-life improvements and enhanced graphics.

Key Features

  • Era accurate items, spells, quests, NPCs, tradeskills, zones, and more!
  • Classic graphics, spell effects, spell icons, and spell gems enhanced by the newer client.
  • Increased out-of-combat health and mana regeneration.
  • Limited edition classic era items (e.g. Manastone and Guise of the Deceiver) available for a limited time.
  • Quality of life improvements such as improved tradeskill containers, spell sets, and melody.
  • Classic mechanics including experience loss, corpse loss, feign death pulling, and group experience.
  • Drinking gnomes in place of the boats – porting every 18 minutes.
  • Dedicated enterprise-level servers with a 100 Mbps synchronous connection and solid state drives that can easily handle 100’s of players with extremely fast zone times.

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